About Us


DK (formerly Just Nails) has grown from a home-based start-up business, to become a trusted source for premiu, professional nail and spa supplies. We are proudly Canadian, and remain a family-owned compan, since 1999.

Over 20 years ago... 
I was at the height of my nail technician career. I took a leap of faith and turned my home-based nail studio, into a a space where I could pass along my knowledge and start teaching nail classes. I wanted to help other women start their own careers as nail technicians. I began teaching novice students - sharing how they too could become successful nail technicians, and experience the freedom of owning their own businesses. 

Fast forward a few years... 
It was 1999, and I remember many sleepless nights after signing the lease on my first storefront location - was I making the right choice? Was my business really large enough to support this?  Would people take me and my small business, at the time called Just Nailz, seriously with so many larger, already established competitors? It was nerve-racking at first, but through perseverance and dedication, we started to see more and more people coming through our doors - they came because they had heard of our expertise in nail technology and the unique products we carried. 

How we became DK Beauty...
the evolution from Just Nailz to DK Beauty began when my family members began working with me, helping me to further grow and change the business from my little shop into something bigger. We renamed the business to DK Beauty - D for Deborah, and K for my husband Kevin. We placed a focus on the modern and ever changing needs of nail technicians, and we expanded not only our brand offerings, but we also made the decision to create one of the first online stores for our industry. 

While we have seen great success, we are always ready to do more! It has been an incredible journey so far, and we look forward to continuing on what we started all those years ago - supporting nail technicians, small businesses and beauty lovers alike - providing them with the best products and sharing our knowledge. 




















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