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DK Beauty offers two levels of membership.

1) Pro Accounts

2)Retail Accounts.

Pro Members have full access to restricted brands that are professional-only. Retail members have access to all brands that do not have a Pro-Only status. Both levels of membership are completely free. 

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Who Qualifies for a Pro Account?

Pro accounts are only available to professionals and business owners. A valid beauty license, diploma, certificate or relevant business license depending upon your own province/state regulation is required to gain Pro-Only access. By default, all members are assigned a Retail level of access until these qualifications are submitted. 


Why Can't Retail Members Buy Pro-Only Products?

Professional-only brands require us to abide by their strict standards. We have many great brands available to everyone, and our in-house education team would be happy to make recommendations for your specific needs and find alternate products if you are unable to purchase Pro-Only brands. 


What Credentials Are Needed for Pro Access?

A minimum of 240 hour diploma program is required to open an a Pro Account with DK Beauty, and to be considered to have professional status. 

Examples of accepted credentials:

•Licensed in Nail Technology
•Licensed in Hair Dressing/Cosmetology
•Have a diploma or certificate or diploma in Nail Technology consisting of a minimum of 240 practical & in-class hours
•Own a beauty salon, spa, or nail bar with valid business license
•Own a hair salon with valid business license
•Own, manage or are employed at a cosmetology/nail technology institute
•Are currently enrolled as a student in a recognized hair/cosmetology/nail program

All criteria are subject to review and accounts will be closed if minimum standards are not met.

Sorry, we do not recognize 1 day nail certification programs, or self-taught nail technicians.



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