This class is a Level 3 Advanced Akzentz diploma class. We will focus on advanced techniques, and methods to create the thinnest, and the most beautiful artificial enhancements. 

Refine your skills and product usage to make you a Master Nail Technician. This program is also your track to becoming an Akzentz Educator, therefore  giving you an extensive knowledge of the Pro-Formance hard gel system. 

An Akzentz Level 3 Master Nail Technician Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion.


• Pro-Formance UV/LED Hard Gel product knowledge
• Selecting products to suit your customer for optimum results
• Advanced product placement techniques for minimal filing Speed techniques – shave your service time down by up to 30%
• Competition style pink and white Mastering shaping & filing techniques 
• Perfect, ‘two-second’ nail forms without customizing
• Competition style extending of nail beds & C-Curve Correcting & disguising nail deformities/previous damage


$599.99 + Tax Including Working Kit


June 17th, 10:00am-4:00pm