This class is the Akzentz Level Two class and focuses on advanced knowledge of Akzentz products as well as advanced techniques for Options Soak Off Gels & Luxio Soak Off Gel Polish. An Akzentz Level 1 Diploma and/or 1-2 years gel experience is required to attend this program.

Our Akzentz educator will teach techniques including full sculpturing with Options LED Gel, nail form customization, natural-look french manicures (ombré), embedding embellishments, advanced product placement techniques, Colour Gel overlays and art + much more.

An Akzentz Level 2 Advanced Options Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion.


• Options Soak-Off UV/LED product Knowledge
• How to tailor your product to your customer for optimum results
• One-time enhancement with no damage to natural nails
• Permanent enhancements for delicate nails or problem nails
• Soak-off or file-off removal
• Mastering Options colour applications


October 8th 2019 – 10:00am-4:00pm