Nail Technology Classes

Nail Technician Level One

Nail Technology

Starting from $1899

For those with no experience in the beauty industry, looking to start their careers.
The Akzentz Level one Certification program at DK Beauty will recognize you as a certified Nail Technician in as little as 3 months. 4 full days in our academy, out of class assignments done at your own pace, and a final practical examination in the academy when you feel ready.
An Akzentz Level One Certification Diploma is awarded upon successful completion.

Level Two

Nail Technology

Program Cost $599

For those who are already certified with a license, diploma or certification, looking for advancement and to refine their skills. Focusing on Akzentz Options® Sculpturing gels and Options® Colour applications.
An Akzentz Options® Diploma is awarded upon successful completion.

Level Three

Program Cost $599

For those who are experienced Nail Technicians, wanting to take their career to the next level. A course with a focus on hard-gel enhancements, problem solving for trouble clients, advanced form and sculpturing techniques and much more. An Akzentz Pro-Formance® Diploma is awarded upon successful completion.

Level Four

Program Booked Through Akzentz

Become an Akzentz Certified Educator. As a brand ambassador, you will have the opportunity to teach Akzentz product classes to those who are already certified as professionals, and represent yourself as an Akzentz ACE. An Akzentz ACE® Diploma is awarded upon successful completion.
This program is hosted once a year, and is booked directly through Akzentz. All previous Akzentz Levels are required to enroll.

Level Five

Program Cost $1299

Become an Akzentz & DK Beauty Educator, with the ability to certify those with no prior experience with a Level-One certification.
This program is held only once a year. All previous Akzentz Levels are required to enroll.


The Shaping Class

March 6th – 10am-3:30pm


Class cost $199

This advanced shaping & filing class will provide you with advanced and time saving techniques on how to create elegant, sleek nails. How to position your forms easy & correctly without cutting or fussing.

Safe and Effective Electric Filing


Class cost $179

Advanced class for safe electric filing. Learn what bits are best suited to individual scenarios, how to correctly use specialty bits without worry of injuring your client. A special 2 hour segment dedicated to achieving a ‘Russian-Inspired Manicure’, for photo-shoot ready nails without damage.

Disinfection Diploma

March 8th – 11am-2pm


Class cost $50

Learn correct disinfection procedures direct from the manufacturer. Ensure you are up to date with current AHS requirements and earn your Pre-Empt Diploma.


The DK Beauty training centre is located in our new 7500sqft Calgary facility, and is conveniently located in south Calgary. Learn in a clean, professional and modern atmosphere. Upon successful completion of a DK Beauty Course, you receive a Certificate/Diploma which is recognized at all professional beauty suppliers, as well as with Beauty Council.

Classes are catered to both new students with no prior experience, as well as beauty professionals already in the industry. Further your career, refine their skills and even become a recognized educator.


Your education doesn’t end when your course does – DK Beauty is a full service beauty supplier, and we are here to assist you with all your product and technical. Our educators and team are on hand and able to assist with troubleshooting and continued questions even well after your program is complete.
Our goal is to see our students succeed in their careers.


Send us a message and a class coordination will be happy to answer your questions!

403-294-9002 Ext 2