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Berrywell Augenblick Lash Dye -Graphite

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Berrywell Augenblick Eyelash Dye, Blue-Blue F-2.2 is exclusive to customers with light blond and blond lashes.

  • Berrywell Augenblick eyebrow and lash colors make the lashes look captivatingly long and voluminous.Established line of quality hair dyes made in Germany
  • Estheticians can easily switch to the Augenblick system because there is no training involved and the colours are industry-standard tints
  • Desired colours are easy to obtain and consistently achieved
  • Long-lasting results
  • Non-irritating
  • Cream mixture is dermatological tested
  • Mixing stick included to blend the hair dye with developer lotion
  • Colours can be combined for a customized effect
  • Made in: Germany

*always do a test patch before use


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