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  • thuya lash filler kit

    Thuya Lash Filler

    Special $59.95
    Thuya Lash Filler   A revolutionary product in the eye sector: the Lash Filler btx. An exclusive treatment formulated to rejuvenate, hydrate, rebuild and redensify natural eyelashes. It is the perfect solution to eliminate the problems of...
  • Thuya Brow Paste

    Thuya Brow Paste

    Special $16.95
    White pigmented lipophilic paste with DOUBLE FUNCTION. On the one hand, it PROTECTS the skin and prevents it from staining during the dye service. On the other hand, it MARKS the SHAPE that you want to design to the eyebrow before waxing, allowing a...
  • refectocil brow mapper pencil

    Refectocil Brow Mapper Pencil

    Great eyebrows require the right shape.Skilled brow mapping is an absolute must for this! The “Brow Mapper by RefectoCil” helps when drawing brow shapes that are based on individual measurements. It helps when pre-drawing the right shape...
  • silkline mascara applicators

    SL Mascara Applicator (25)

    Special $5.95
    Disposable mascara applicators eliminate the risk of cross contamination. Since they are designed for one time insertion into the mascara tube, they keep mascara tubes bacteria free Hygiene is a very important consideration and disposable mascara...

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