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    Silkline All Purpose Wipes 2" x 2"

    Regular $5.50
    Special $4.95
    All-purpose disposable wipes for salon or spa White, very soft, very strong, Made from latex-free rayon/ polyester, a non-woven material that can be cut without fraying or unfolded to double its size 4-ply thickness 2" x 2" 200 / Pack Also available :...
  • satin smooth professional zinc wax for sensitive skin Satin Smooth Zinc Oxide Wax

    Satin Smooth Zinc Oxide Wax

    Regular $20.00
    Special $18.00
    SATIN SMOOTH ZINC OXIDE CREAM WAX    Soft Cream Wax Soft Cream Wax specially formulated for fair complexions, teens and pre-teen skin Recommended for clients with medium to fine hair, ideal for facial waxing and sensitive parts of the...
  • Wood Applicators Large

    Wood Applicators Large

    Regular $7.00
    Special $5.99
    Large wood applicators (5.75") •For use on the body, legs and arms•Made of high-quality pine that is gentle on the skin•No splinters or knots•100 /bag  
  • satin smooth pebble wax citrus mojito Pebble Wax - Citrus Mojito Thin Film Hard Wax

    Pebble Wax - Citrus Mojito Thin Film Hard Wax

    Regular $43.00
    Special $37.99
     Satin Smooth® Citrus Mojito Thin Film Pebble Wax gives the same fabulous results as the traditional thin film wax formula, in perfectly pourable pebbles! Pour just the amount you need into your warmer and it quickly melts into a smooth,...
  • plastic pedi bowl liners

    Pedi Bowl Liners (25)

    Regular $16.00
    Special $10.99
    25 per bag Features- Durable plastic- Disposable- Extra-large size- Elastic bandBenefits- Liners provide estheticians with added convenience, eliminating the need to clean and sterilize their pedicure bowl between appointments.- Hygiene is a very...
  • Foil Soak Off Nail Wraps (100 box)

    Foil Soak Off Nail Wraps (100 box)

    Regular $14.00
    Special $10.99
    Made of pliable aluminum foil sheet for an easy application and comfortable wear • Each wrap has an absorbent non-woven pad that is positioned on the nail and facilitates polish removal • Designed for a customized fit on finger and toe nails...
  • dp-9 zebra file

    Silkline DP-9 Zebra Files (180/180)

    Regular $35.00
    Special $29.50
    Disposable file •Hygienic, disposable ZEBRA files are gentle to nails without scratching.•Grit: 180/180 •Centre-colour: Red Individually wrapped making this a great retail item!  Perfect for client use in between...
  • Silkline UV Lamp (36-Watt)

    Silkline UV Lamp (36-Watt)

    Special $114.95
    • For hands and feet • Lamp cures all gel nail systems available on the market (no burning, yellowing, or lifting of gel) • Timer with three easy-to-use settings: 90 seconds, 120 seconds, or continuous • Compact size and sturdy build...
  • Dannyco toeuni

    Single Toe Separators (144 pack)

    Regular $12.50
    Special $10.99
    Single Toe Separators come in assorted pastel colours.  144 per bag Made of EVA foam, a strong yet soft and flexible material. • These single toe separators are an eco-friendly choice: EVA IS AN ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY MATERIAL: • EVA is a...
  • Birchwood Sticks-7" 144 piece

    Birchwood Sticks-7" 144 piece

    Regular $6.00
    Special $3.99
    Birchwood sticks•One oval end; one pointed end: perfect for precision work•The oval end is great for pushing cuticles. Fits under cuticles and nails easily for detailed work•The pointed end allows you to reach into the toughest, smallest...
  • SL Ingrown Toenail File

    SL Ingrown Toenail File

    Regular $13.50
    Special $10.49
    Ingrown toenail file (5-1/4")•Double-sided•All parts are made of STAINLESS STEEL •STERILIZABLE by the most stringent methods•Points are polished •Smooth action •Well balanced with easy-grip handle•Package...
  • Sale
    DELUXE cream wax satin smooth deluxe cream wax

    Satin Smooth Deluxe Cream Wax

    Deluxe Cream wax, 14 oz./ 397 g   All-purpose soft cream wax Recommended for all skin types, but is exceptionally effective on dehydrated skin Enriched with vitamins and emollients Use on fine to coarse hair and all skin types. Designed...
  • satin smooth pebble wax calendula gold hard tea tree Pebble Wax Calendula Gold Hard w/Tea Tree

    Pebble Wax Calendula Gold Hard w/Tea Tree

    Regular $43.00
    Special $40.99
      Enjoy the perfect pour! Satin Smooth® Calendula Gold Wax with Tea Tree Oil now comes in a pebble wax formula that easily pours into your warmer and melts into the creamy smooth Satin Smooth® wax that you love!   Ideal for...
  • slpump dannyco

    Lockable Pump Dispenser 8oz

    Regular $6.00
    Special $4.99
    - Dispenser bottle ideal for polish remover, alcohol, cleanser or makeup remover - Dispenser pump featuring one touch operation - smoothly pumps liquid - twist lock - 8oz capacity

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