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Eco Glaze Bridal Lily

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Eco Glaze Bridal Lily
Eco Glaze Bridal Lily
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Eco Glaze Bridal Lily
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 A feminine, pink, peachy-keen blush floral shade sure to be your sole mate.

Believing in Nail Care with a Conscience. Eco Glaze's vegan formula is 70% bio-sourced, free of 14 and ethically made in the United States. 70% bio-sourced formula is made of natural ingredients such as: corn, sugar cane, cotton, beats, molasses. Eco Glaze's formula is designed to nourish, hydrate and strengthen nails with quick drying and long lasting technology. Choose from 40, crèmes and shimmers, colors inspired by earth's natural botanical, range of petal soft to blooming bright earthy deeps fashion forward colors. 

Packaging is design around our Zero waste initiative, starting with post-consumer recycled materials, 20% of materials are PCR. 
Our social responsibility begins today. Are you ready? 

  1. Apply Eco Glaze Base coat to all 10 nails.
  2. Shake polish for 30 seconds to mix color pigment.
  3. Apply two coats by gently pushing right below the base line and glide down nail towards the free edge in a single straight swipe motion to all nails.
  4. Wait 2 minutes to apply Eco Glaze Top Coat to ensure no chipping and long lasting nails.

Post Tips 
1. If color gets on the skin, detail the surrounding skin with a cuticle stick and polish remover.
2. Allow Eco Glaze Top Coat to dry completely prior to applying cuticle oil to the cuticle and nails.



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