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Gift Cards

DK Beauty offers gift cards in the form of digital, and physical cards. Either option can be used in our stores, or on our website. Redeemable for product, courses, online orders and more. Our gift cards offer flexible gifts for your friends, loved ones and never expire.

Physical Gift Cards

Physical, plastic printed gift cards. These can be pickedup in our stores, or shipped out at no charge. Delivered in a black envelope. Add to your cart, and checkout online to complete.

Simply call us with the number on the back of the card if you'd like to use your physical gift card online and our team will activate for online use.

Digital Gift Cards

Generate a digital gift card for any custom amount using the link below. Select your card style, who it's delivered to, a custom message, and even the delivery date you'd like. Your digital gift card will be delivered by email. 


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