Hair Clippers & Trimmers

  • ultra shears 4307U

    Ultra Styling Shears

    Special $16.99
    Ultra Haircare - 5 1/4" Styling Shears #4307 Denco’s 4307 Styling Shears feature professional quality, stainless steel blades and a soft, cushioned handle for maximum grip and comfort. The smaller size makes them ideal for general hair cutting and...
  • Ultra 4110U

    Ultra Eyebrow & Facial Hair Scissors

    Special $12.00
    Ultra Haircare Eyebrow & Facial Hair Scissors - 4110U These Eyebrow & Facial Hair Scissors are made in Italy and feature rounded, safety tips to protect sensitive skin. One false move with point-tip scissors can leave you with a painful and...
  • Ultra Mini Trimmer 4294

    Ultra Mini Trimmer

    Special $11.99
    Ultra's Mini Trimmer is a battery-operated, Sharpie-sized groomer that is ideal for face and body. The safety blade shaves off all unwanted hair, quickly and safely. Ideal for nose hair, ear hair and grooming bikini areas. The trimmer also includes a...
  • Ultra tools 4102 mustashe scissors

    Ultra Mustashe Scissors & Comb

    Special $10.00
    Ultra’s 4102 Mustache Scissors & Comb Set is a convenient combination of our 4101 Mustache Scissors and a fine-tooth comb. The comb is made in France and features sturdy, rounded teeth that will not scratch your skin or get tangled in your...
  • BaByliss PRO FOILFX01 Portable Foil Shaver BaByliss PRO FOILFX01 Portable Foil Shaver

    BaByliss PRO FOILFX01 Portable Foil Shaver

    Regular $70.00
    Special $59.99
    A great tool for an extra-close shave on the most detailed areas of the neck, face and all around the hairline. The FOILFXTM01 is equipped with a single hypoallergenic gold foil that reduces skin irritation and removes stubble with precision for a...
  • Sale
    BaByliss Pro Volare X2 Clipper BaByliss Pro Volare X2 Clipper

    BaByliss Pro Volare X2 Clipper

    High quality blade set made in Japan offers a long-lasting sharper edge: -DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) cutting blade and titanium-coated fixed blade are two times more durable than stainless steel -Patented micro-serrated X-Grip cutting blade holds hair...

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