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Hydra Oil 6.76oz

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About Hydra-Oil and how it works


Hydra-Oil has several ingredients which work tremendously well in helping individuals to literally ‘get their skin back!’ Hydra-Oil has one essential ingredient called Trio-Tek Oil which acts as a non-greasy emollient and helps with increased skin absorption.


Hydra-Oil is made up of a combination of essential oils which helps to tone your skin and remove the dryness to keep you skin smooth and hydrated. Hydra-Oil is rich in vitamins which help fight signs of ageing and improves the health and quality of skin.


Application of Hydra-Oil


Hydra-Oil should be applied topically after bathing, showering, sunning or swimming. Hydra-Oil should be massaged into the skin where the condition resides. It is suggested that for best results, that Hydra-Oil be used twice daily (preferably, morning and evening) for at least 3 months. Depending on the severity of the skin condition.


Formulation of Hydra-Oil


Hydra-Oil is specially formulated to help diminish the appearance of scars and other skin discolorations such as spots and stretch marks. Hydra-Oil also aids in evening out skin tone and nourishing mature and dehydrated skin. This formulation contains antioxidants and essential oils suspended in an oil base. Due to the oxygen-free properties of oil the essential oils and vitamins maintain their effectiveness.


Hydra-Oil’s formulation is Dermatologically tested, Preservative free, Non-greasy and Easily absorbed.