Nail Vents

  • BreathEasy Hepa Filter

    BreathEasy Hepa Filter

    Special $15.00
    Replaceable HEPA filter for the Americanails BreatheEasy Dust Collector  High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter traps dust and particles ensuring clean, pure air. Change monthly for maximum efficiency.
  • Breatheasy Dust Collector Americanails Breatheasy Hepa Dust Collector

    BreathEasy Hepa Dust Collector

    Regular $114.95
    Special $99.95
    Award Winning Americanails BreatheEasy Dust Collector whisks dust and debris out of the air with a powerful intake fan. Easy-to-change HEPA Filter ensures pure, clean air for you and your client. Features whisper quiet operation and a removable silicone...

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