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P+ What's Your Alibi

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P+ What's Your Alibi
P+ What's Your Alibi
P+ What's Your Alibi
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This fine-meets-chunky glitter gel is a brown-gold copper.  This flashy gold-neutral catches the eye and provides pop for any style.


P+ What's Your Alibi? Glitter Gel Polish, 15 ml.


Coverage: Opaque
Effect: Glitter


Why the P+ Gel Polish System?

+ Rigorous quality control at LE's Redmond, Oregon facility means consistent color and performance, batch after batch.

+ Twice the glitter in every P+ Glitter Gel Polish! (versus the previous formula)

+ P+ features high opacity allowing thin, elegant application without adding unwanted thickness to the nail.

+ The advanced P+ formulation applies like nail polish for easy, satisfying application with an all-new premium round brush.

+ The 15ml P+ bottle combined with the thin application thickness means less cost on every service.

+ Like all Light Elegance gels, P+ is 100% free of HEMA monomer and is responsibly manufactured in Redmond, Oregon using only premium ingredients.

+ P+ is also 9-free, cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free which makes it a gel polish nail professionals can be proud to use and clients can be proud to wear—safely, too.

+ P+ is formulated with the nail professional in mind and provides an easy solution for every service, whether performing a fill using JimmyGel or completely removing with QDbase.

+ P+ has the ideal balance of strength and flexibility incorporating advanced gel technology perfected by years of in-house R&D in Redmond, Oregon.

+ Due to the strength of the formulation, P+ lasts 21+ days without wearing along the free edge like so many gel polishes.

+ P+ Gel Polish is formulated to file quickly with little effort for easy fills using JimmyGel or Lexy Line hard gels.

+ When used with P+ QDbase coat, P+ Gel Polish soaks-off in just 7 minutes (filing through the top coat required).

+ New premium packaging with bottles shaped like the iconic Light Elegance Round Bottom Flask logo!



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