• APRES PEEL OFF LIQUID MASK Apres Peel Off Liquid Mask

    Apres Peel Off Liquid Mask

    Special $12.95
    Protect your fingers from sprays or spills with our Peel Off Liquid Mask! Formulated with latex and packaged with a convenient brush, Peel Off Liquid Mask will act as a barrier between your skin and any spill over mess that might happen from your...
  • Apres Gel-X Basecoat

    Apres Rubber Base Coat X

    Special $15.00
    The foundation to any natural nail manicure is a good base. Our Base Gelcoat X formula has a rubberized formula that creates a thicker gel that offers better grip. This is an ideal formula for those who seem to still experience lifting with our Base...
  • Apres Non-Acidic Gel Primer (APPR01)

    Apres Non-Acidic Gel Primer

    Special $15.00
    Our Apres Non-Acidic Gel Primer is the second step to creating beautiful Gel-X extensions. After applying the pH Bonder, our Non-Acidic Gel Primer creates a tacky surface on the nail that allows for better adhesion to the Gel-X tip. Formulated to be...
  • Apres pH Bonder (APPHB01)

    Apres pH Bonder

    Special $15.00
    Our Apres pH Bonder is the first step to creating beautiful Gel-X extensions. After prepping the natural nail, our pH Bonder properly dehydrates the nail, removing any oils or residue that could impede a clean and proper Gel-X application. Our Apres pH...

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