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Just Gel Polish

Applied like a polish, but cured in LED or UV light, ibd's Just Gel Polish provides high shine and long wear. With a 100% pure gel formula, JGP applies like a polish but cures in an LED or UV light. Removal is simple, safe, and fast. Available in over 200 shades

This Shade

Introducing ibd NUDE Collection: Created for those who dare to reveal their most sensual side, this lustful palette features 8 beautiful shades, ranging from innocent to seductive, and is available in both Just Gel Polish and our NEW Advanced Wear Formula. Who’s ready to push the envelope? 

A wistful, smokey mauve

How To Use 

Mix well before using. After prepping the nail (Wipe with Alcohol solution, gently buff to remove the natural shine, optional primer, and a thin cured layer of IBD Just Gel Base Coat) Apply a thin coat of Gel Polish covering the free edge of the nail, avoiding the cuticle area and cure 2 minutes under UV Lamp or cure for 30 seconds under LED Lamp.
Repeat process for a second coat.
Finish with IBD Just Gel Top Coat. Cure and wipe with alcohol solution to reveal a shiny finished manicure.
Correct application will result in a gel manicure that you can expect to last 2-4 weeks. 

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