Just Gel Polish

Just Gel Polish - Bustled Up

Product Features

ibd Just Gel Polish and Nail Lacquer offers a new collection Neo Romantique, inspired by the artistic movement that celebrates positive elements of love, beauty of youth, nostalgia and fantasy. With inspiration from avant-garde fashions with a romantic feel while lace and silk fabrics meet buckles, garters, and ornate accessories for a powerful and elaborate statement, Neo Romantique exemplifies luxury and fantasy.

ibd Just Gel Polish and Nail Lacquer Neo Romantique Collection offers six seductive shades: Bustled Up-shimmering brick red, Ooh La Lace-pink lavender, R U Sur-real?-deep gray, Bardot Indigo-dynamic blue, Bella Boudoir-velvety purple, Garter Your Heart-black speckled red glitter.

To add decadent accents to the six shades, ibd offers two unique deco glitters: Eu-phor-a Kiss-pink and red glitter and Hypnotic Hold-black and bronze glitter.


It's the gel you love in a easy to polish application! ibd Just Gel Polish, 100% pure gel that is LED and UV curable. Just Gel Polish provides durable, strong protection for the natural nails while polishes on with rich, even coverage. Just Gel Polish is a simple and easy system that creates a long lasting gel manicure. 

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