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THE MASTER CLASS - Akzentz Nail Technician Workshop (Already 50% FULL!)

Join us for this once in a life time learning event - Learn usable, everyday techniques and skills from two of the industry's most seasoned veterans, and Akzentz top level eductors. 

• Learn to improve your sculpturing abilities to flawless control your product and eliminate the need for excessive filing.
• Learn techniques to virtually elimate lifting on a varity of problem lifters.
• The art of artistic sculpturing.
• Advanced product knowledge to truly understand Akzentz gel systems.
• Cut out bad habits, improper skill and "time-wasters".

SKILL LEVEL - Advanced 

COST - $500 (2 Days)

DATE - 09/30/17 + 10/01/17


AKZENTZ NAIL ART 101 - Beginner Nail Art Workshop

This is a beginner nail art class, taught by DK Beauty educator Morgan Turner

• Unique Art with Le chat Mood changing gels
• Sculpturing 3D flowers with Akzentz 3D gel art powder
• Basic Swarovski crystal application
• Shaping & file techniques for strong, elegantly shaped Pointed Oval nails and Tapered Square (coffin/ballerina shaped
- Seasonal nail art with the newest color collections

SKILL LEVEL - Beginner-Intermediate

COST - $169.00

DATE - 11/20/17