DK Beauty

ONYX 4D Acry Gel - Pure White

Product Features

JOYA MIA® ONYX™ Acryl Gel Polish System its a unique formula for salon professionals. It is a user-friendly formula that allows you to work as fast as you need or as slow as you wish. You may use Joya Mia Monomer or alcohol to pat into shape and cure.


•Lightweight Feeling

•Flexible and strong

• No dust

• Quick application


How to Use:

 1. Prep your nails 2. Apply base coat and cure 3. Apply the ONYX acryl gel in the middle of your nail bed. 4. With a brush that has been dipped in alcohol or monomer work the QNYX Gel into the nail and create the form you wish. 5. Cure under LED or UV lamp 6. **Optional** - Apply any gel color and cure 7. Apply top coat and cure. 8. Enjoy your beautiful nails using Joya Mia's ONYX system