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Plump It! Hyaluronic Lip Plumper

Product Features


What it is: Increase your lip volume long term by up to 82% with this game-changing lip plumper. Our unique lip plumping formulation mimics hyaluronic acid lip injections and provides a long-term boost to lip structure and architecture.

Why it’s loved: 

  • Long-term lip plumping effects
  • Lip loving hydration
  • Ultra high-gloss finish
  • Mild tingle

The research*:

After 30 days of continuous use expect:

  • Up to a 61% increase in lip surface area
  • Up to 101% increase hyaluronic acid synthesis
  • Up to 223% increase in collagen production
  • Up to 51% increase in lip hydration levels

*From a clinical study on 29 female panelists with twice daily application. 

Subscriptions: 3 order minimum before cancellation.