BCL SPA Organics

BCL SPA Lemon & Lily Dead Sea Salt

Product Features

This naturally detoxifying sea salt soak cleanses the hands, feet, & body, leaving the skin purified & hydrated.

Our rejuvenating Lemon and Kojic Acid-infused formula works to reveal brighter, healthier skin.

Lemon and Lily help fade dark spots, even skin tone, and protect against free radicals and damage from UV rays, while Kojic Acid inhibits the production of melanin in skin for a brighter, more even complexion

Organic Lemon is high in Vitamin C and rich in citric acid which is a natural AHA.
Organic Lily Extract is soothing, hydrating, and has a unique combination of compounds that help even skin tone and maximize brightness.
Kojic Acid inhibits pigment production to brighten and even skin tone.