Erica's European Dry Manicure Kit

Product Features


Nail techs can now safely achieve the top trending Russian manicure service with Erica's Russian bits.  This service focuses on exfoliating the cuticle and surrounding areas while removing unwanted dead skin.  Clients will LOVE this high-end, picture perfect look.

What's included in the kit

5 natural diamond Russian bits + sharpened pusher

Featuring the all new cylinder, sharp point, diamond flame, nib, and ball bit in a chic case.   05812, 05814, 05818, 05822, 21232, 09230

Tutorials + product education

Each Russian kit includes access to step-by-step tutorials of Erica's Modified and Advanced Russian Manicure techniques. 


Benefits of Erica's Russian Manicure

Extend the life of a gel manicure

A well groomed nail free of skin and dust allows for a closer polish application.

No cutting live tissue & chemical free 

Erica's Russian Mani focuses on a safe micro cuticle exfoliation.

Beautiful regrowth

Hard to believe, right? Even after several weeks nails still look clean and maintained. 

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