NASP (Pro Only)

NASP 115 HP Super Course Callus Bit

About this Product


NSP-DT5880 155HP Diatwister Super-Coarse Initial cooling for working on callus

Stainless steel shank with galvanized diamond heads Precise concentricity Used wet or dry


NASP Bits are manufactured in Germany intended for medical pedicures, podiatry, and podology.All bits are constructed based on European Medical Device standards (Germany) using high quality stainless steel for the shanks, quality diamond, carbide, and corundum for heads. Bits are meticulously handcrafted using the latest technologies and state of the art development capabilities for precision, performance, longevity, and uncompromising quality. The use of stainless steel ensures an optimal anti-rust protection for shanks. Diamond grit is galvanic bonded for long lasting quality.


All bits are surgical grade and safe for ultrasonic baths, heat ovens, autoclaves, and chemical disinfectants.


Safety Recommendations: store in dry clean environment insert properly into machine make sure implements reach required speed before applying to skin or nail only use maximum rotational speed recommended for each bit instruments may only be used in conformity with their intended use wear personal protection equipment such as masks, safety goggles where required do not use damaged instruments – discard and replace immediately


 Hygiene recommendations: Clean debris with brush under running water Can be submerged in ultrasonic bath Should not come in contact with one another during disinfecting or sterilizing AHP not recommended Make sure bits are dried with soft paper towel Sterilization in auto clave or heat oven recommended Proper storage imperative – use stand to keep implement in upright position is most desirable for optimum bit care




NASP offers several options in bits from callus and nails reducers, to nail polishers and corn reducers. All bits are medical quality with affordability