NASP (Pro Only)

NASP Premium Toenail Clipper

Product Features

 NSP-209 Toenail Clipper Controlled cutting of Toe Nails Excellent for cutting thick or thin nails

Concave Jaw 14 cm 
NASP Tools and Implements

Custom manufactured to meet the high quality standards of the North American School of Podology, the NASP Pedicure Tools are crafted with German precision from world renowned Solingen Stainless Steel. NASP is dedicated to providing individually handcrafted, highest quality instruments renowned for precision, performance, longevity, reliability and uncompromising quality. The tools and implements are meticulously handcrafted in a modern state of the art manufacturing facility using the best technologies and development capabilities. Instrument experts inspect every tool and instrument using a 31 point check list guaranteeing quality and durability.

All tools and implements are podiatry quality (surgical grade) without the podiatry price. With over 10 pieces to choose from, the NASP tools range from nail and cuticle nippers, probes, excavators, callus shavers and files. With a Lifetime Warranty* against manufacturers’ defects NASP Pedicure Tools are a solid investment for nail technicians and salons.

All instruments are made of podiatry grade cobalt stainless steel and can be chemically sterilized, autoclaved, or placed in a heat oven without damage. However, proper care and storage is imperative. Implements should be properly cleaned, disinfected or sterilized, dried and stored in an appropriate manner. NASP does not recommend submersing tools in disinfectants and chemosterilants that do not contain rust inhibitors (AHP not recommended).


  1. Clean tools with a soft brush and surfactant in cool water.

  2. Rinsewellanddry.

  3. Submerge in disinfectant or chemosterilants for appropriate contact time or place

    in auto clave or heat oven for appropriate contact time.

  4. Rinse disinfectant or chemical sterilizer from tools in cool water.

  5. Drywellespeciallyinhingedareas.

  6. Store in clean dry container.

*Every 2-3 months: oil hinges with oil for implements or surgical milk. 

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