PreEmpt (Pro Only)

PREempt CS20 4-Litre

Product Features

PreEmpt CS20

This 20 minute chemosterilant is designed for use in instrument and device areas such as spas, salons, tattoo parlours, and medical facilities.  A 20 minute chemosterilant (pedicure implements and other critical items) PreEmpt CS20 environmentally sound and is cost effective.  Conveniently pre-mixed and can be re-used for up to 14 days.  Biodegradable.  No special disposal procedures required. 

Why CS20?

  •  High level disinfection in 20 minutes

  •  Cost effective 

  •  Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) solution means there is no special ventilation required.

  • 14 day re-use (with test strips) 

  • Formulated exclusively for the Canadian market 

  • PREempt CS 20’s active Hydrogen Peroxide is environmentally preferable (breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no active ingredient residue.

** This product is meant for disinfecting your tools and implements. Tools MUST be fully submerged in solution for 20 minutes. Spraying tools with (any) disinfectant is NOT up to health code requirements.

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