Star Nail

Star Nail Starlite UV Building Gel

Product Features

Looking for a gel that will rival acrylic strength, while offering great value?  Look no further - SN Builder Gel offers maximum strength, medium viscosity, self levelling and still very affordable! SN gels are NON-YELLOWING!

 Available in Pink Sculpture (COOL WITH LIGHT COVERAGE), White Builder (ULTRA, BRILLIANT COOL WHITE) or Clear Sculpture. One component gel (no bonding gel required).  Shine, strength and bonding in one gel!


This building gel is so easy to work with.  It is a brilliant, cool tone white that is the whitest we have seen in the industry!  No shadowing!  Completely self levelling.  Create a crisp, brilliant French manicure with this gel!  Can be used for backfills, sculpturing or used as a paint on type gel (yes, it is that white!).  You will love this white gel if you love a beautiful french manicure!   


Crystal clear - never yellows and offers absolutely MAXIMUM STRENGTH!  Perfect for building a c-curve and nail arch in nails, in particular flat nails. This is one of the strongest gels in the market place today!


Star Nails's Pink Builder Gel offers a slight coverage effect yet still allows the nail bed to peak through, creating a beautiful natural looking nail.  The neutral yet slight cool tone is beautiful on any nail bed!  Maximum strength for building nails.  Perfect with White Builder for a gorgeous FM look!


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