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Ultra Straight Cut Toenail Clipper - Stainless

Product Features

3556 Straight Cut Toenail Clipper is made in Japan of high quality Stainless Steel to keep the cutting edges sharp and rust-free. The ergonomic design features an angled head so you can keep your wrist in a neutral position while clipping. The sliding, plastic clipping-catcher and oversized handle give you a comfortable, non-slip grip. If it’s difficult for you to bend or twist your wrist, this is the clipper you’ve been waiting for!

(assorted colours)

How Do I Use It?

1. Wash your feet in warm, soapy water or use after a shower or bath. Clean, softened toenails are the goal. 2. Starting at one edge of your toenail and finishing at the other end, carefully cut to the length you'd like. Keep the cutting edges tilted up slightly so clippings drop into the catcher. 3. Empty the catcher by holding the tool over the trash (jaws facing up) and tipping the clipper upside down. Shake or gently tap the clipper so the clippings drop out of the jaws. If necessary, you can slide the catcher back slightly. NOTE: Trim your toenails straight across, rather than rounding the corners, to help prevent ingrown toenails.