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Akzentz® Level 2 Soft Gel Advanced Class

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Advanced Nail Tech Diploma  

Level Two is a is a premium course certifying you as an Akzentz Advanced Nail Technician. Previous certification is required, and a minimum of 2 year of Akzentz experience is recommended. This course will take your nail technician career to the next level - allowing you to diversify your product offering and offer unique and more tailored services to your clientele. You will now have the perfect solution for those wanting beautiful nails for a special event like weddings, without the commitment of semi-permanent nails. Learn about effortless non-damaging removals, advanced form placements and most importantly, how to ensure the best longevity for even the most troublesome of problem lifters.


  • Options© sculpturing benefits and features

  • Options© Colour benefits and features

  • Sculpturing techniques for nail bitters and tricky clients

  • Advanced form placements and nail form customization techniques

  • Making the most of Soak-off services

  • Protecting the health and beauty of the natural nail

  • Working on problem-lifters, oily nail plates & more